Salmon Fishing in Victoria

Salmon Fishing in Victoria

65 Years Fishing together

We specialize in Salmon Fishing in Victoria. Every once in awhile we get to be part of history. These brothers, Walt and Ralph, have been fishing together for 65 YEARS! An old friend of ours who spends time south of the border in the winter brought the brothers out on a fishing trip to try their luck for some wild pacific salmon. We have been working hard this year for our fish and today was no exception. This is the time of year when we focus on quality not quantity so every bite is critical. In early August fish can range from 10 -25 pounds and typically they get bigger as the summer goes on. From the first bite we knew these guys were real anglers -confident and steady as they reeled in two beautiful fish. In our business we call these salmon teenagers and are likely close to 18 pounds. We had four good bites during our trip and the brothers brought 3 to the boat. Plenty of fish for everyone to enjoy a west coast feast! It was such a good time with these guests salmon fishing in Victoria. We are thankful to have helped them add to their lifetime of fishing memories.

Adam’s Fishing Charters offers full and half day trips. Our half days are 5 hours and leave at approximately 7am and 1pm daily, full days are 8 hours departing at 7am. All trips are fully guided, all the bait tackle and gear are provided as well. We have several convenient pick up locations with our main departure dock being located just below Tourism Victoria’s Visitor Information Centre at 812 Wharf Street.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask, your 2016 salmon fishing season adventure awaits you!

Call us at 250-370-2326 to reserve your day on the water or drop us an email


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